Types Of People You Will Meet When Camping

Now there are many alternatives for enjoying the beauty of the mountain. One of them is camping. No need to get tired of climbing to the top but you can already feel the cool mountain air and the beautiful scenery too. This camping is usually done in a group to make it more fun and the camping checklist can be prepared by many people. Usually when you are camping, whether you realize it or not, you will meet with these types of people.

# 1 The type of person whose hobbies are cooking
There must be one of your friends who if you go camping is a hobby of cooking. This type of person is usually more concerned with preparing food logistics than on other needs. And often people with this type are already planning, then when camping will cook what to eat for dinner, breakfast, or even snacks to be prepared.

# 2 Types of nature lovers
Sitting quietly while enjoying the cool mountain air, calming the mind, absorbing the singing. Yes, that’s the type of nature lovers. They usually don’t do many things while camping. He tends to have a lot of silent so, he can enjoy and soak up the natural beauty with all his body and soul.

# 3 Type of lovers of photographs
When just arrived at the camping area, this person already busy with the camera. Take pictures here and there to get cool photos. The advantage when going camping with this type of person is, they can be a photographer for you. Because usually people who like photos know which angle is neat for taking photos.

# 4 Types of people who like to talk and talk all night
Everything is told, starting from A to Z. Usually, people like this are also fun for a chat. They will listen to your story faithfully even until sunrise.

# 5 Musician type
Camping is a fun time and expresses yourself by singing. Those who have a hobby of playing music are usually always eager to bring a musical instrument when camping. The easiest and most portable musical instrument is usually the guitar. This type of person usually spends the night singing and playing music, usually while making a campfire so warm.

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