This Is How To Install A Smartphone Charger On A Motorcycle

Currently, the use of smartphones or smartphones has become a mandatory requirement. Almost all people can not escape from the habit of using mobile phones. Therefore, charging a depleted or low-battery mobile phone becomes one of the needs that must be met. The use of power banks is usually still lacking because it is only able to store limited power. That is why not a few of the latest motorcycles already provide a USB Charger feature Even those who ride their motorcycles need to charge their mobile phones on the way, so by the time they reach their destinations, they have fully-charged smartphones that they can use for their activities without any inconveniences. In this article, we will share with you some tricks to install a smartphone charger on a motorcycle easily. However, before you charge your phone on your bike, we suggest you buy the best phone mount for motorcycle so it won’t fall easily.

Motorcycles that do not provide the USB Charger feature can also be installed on this component. Nevertheless, there are some things that must be considered. Here’s the trick:

After purchasing a USB charger enhancement at an accessory workshop or online site on the internet, connect the device to the motor battery.

Make sure the positive cable is connected to the positive battery pack (battery) and the negative pole of the cable is connected to the battery negative battery.

Install the switch with the holder with the purchased HP USB charger. Install in the desired area, most owners choose motorcycle handlebar

Press the switch to the On position and connect the USB cable to the handphone. If you have difficulty, ask directly to be paired by the seller or consult directly with an official garage mechanic.

Those are some tips for installing a smartphone charger on a motorcycle that we can share with you. Although this article is pretty short, we hope it can be very useful for you, especially if you don’t know how to install a charger on your motorcycle easily.

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