Physiotherapy Can Overcome Baker Cysts?

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a treatment process that is done so that someone avoids physical disruption in the body due to an injury or underlying disease The process of physiotherapy in patients with baked cysts is done to improve the flexibility of the knee joint motion by exercising flexibility and strength in the muscles around the knee area. The physical therapy los angeles can help you overcome these problems with years of experience. In addition to physiotherapy, several other treatment methods that can be done, namely:

-Remit fluid in cysts
The method used to remove fluid in the cyst is done by using a needle inserted into the affected area with the help of ultrasound to determine the location of the cyst. This treatment method is usually done in cases of baker cysts that are not too severe.

– Surgical Procedure for Cyst Removal
The surgical cyst removal procedure is done if the cyst has made it difficult for the sufferer to move the knee. This method is considered the most effective because it can prevent cyst tissue from growing back. This cyst removal method can be done in two ways, namely the open surgical method and the small incision method with arthroscopy.

-Conduct corticosteroid injections
This one treatment method is done by injecting corticosteroid drugs directly into the knee joint to reduce swelling and pain. Complaints arising from baker cysts will disappear a few days or a few weeks after injection.

Baker cysts that appear are usually not dangerous, because it can disappear by itself. Baker cysts in mild cases can even be treated at home. Some steps to handle baked cysts that can be done at home include:

– Compress the affected area with cold water or warm water to reduce pain.

– Reduce activities that require knee joint work, such as standing and walking.

– When sleeping, use a stand so that the position of the feet does not hang.

– To reduce the strain on the knee joint, use a stick when walking.

– Consumption of pain relievers that are sold freely in pharmacies.