Before Allowing Children To Skateboard, This What Doctor Said For Parents

Although skateboarding is classified as an extreme sport, it does not dampen the intentions of children who do have an interest in skateboarding. This type of extreme sports can be introduced to children and parents should not need to quickly harbor the interests and talents of children. Even better if they continue to get support from the people closest to them so that their passion can be applied to hobbies that they like. You can give them the kids longboard, or the children’s size board and start training them. Find the right people to practice their interests.

Before that all you do, the most important thing is to listen to advice from experts. Some parents may worry that their child will get hurt from falling while playing skateboard, but some advice from the doctor below might reduce the parents’ concern.

1. Have Good Basic Ability
Note, is the child qualified when making swift moves or maneuvering on a skateboard? Are your feet steady when pedaling and then raising your feet to the board?

If the child has not mastered these basic abilities, then he can fall and suffer injury. Therefore, try to teach slowly and gradually. You can stimulate and train using a pocket. Because the way it works is the wheeled board that must slide using the foot.

2. Ensure Use Protective
It is said to include extreme sports because it has a risk that is not playing games, children can be affected by injuries such as sprains, broken bones, to damage to the brain.

For that, before practicing and playing this type of sport, make sure the child wears safety equipment (safety equipment) such as helmets, pad, gloves, and others to protect themselves.

3. The Right Place to Practice
Facilitate children who want to learn to skateboard in the right area, Moms. Do not immediately give children on steep terrain, especially for beginners. But start from a flat area. Later gradually, adjusted again to the child’s ability.

4. Parental Assistance
Remind the child so that he does not forget to warm up so that his body does not cramp and hurt. Also, make sure the child is not released alone when he is playing. Make sure adults are watching.