4 Most Popular Shower Doors To Apply For Your Modern Room

golden elite deco are popular to be applied especially for a modern house. This kind of door offers easy installation and usage. Moreover, it is common to implement with glass material. However, this door actually has several types. Each type may fit your bathroom and maybe also not. Therefore, understanding which type that is suitable is important.

To know which one is perfect for your shower, you need to know some types of shower doors. You can see some types that we are going to offer in the following.

Frameless Door
This frameless door is commonly made of the single pane. We commonly pivot it out into a bathroom for clean, sleek, and also modern look. This kind of door is considered to be more structural and durable.

Frameless Enclosure
For the best shower room, this frameless enclosure is also common to set. This door is perfect enough to be set for a large room. You can consider using this shower door to add the dimension to your bathroom. Usually, the enclosure for the shower room will be in a hexagonal or rectangular shape. It will depend on your bathroom budget and configuration.

Bi-Fold Door
The other type of shower doors that you must know is the bi-fold installation. This bi-fold door is perfectly set for limited bathroom space. You can install it well in your corner of the bathroom. By using this bi-fold door, you can utilize the dead corner and save your small bathroom. Besides its installation for saving space, this door is also more affordable.

Curved Glass Door
You may not be strange about this kind of shower doors. The curved glass door is common enough to install in the walk-in shower application. The function of this door is to open up and widen your shower room. It will also give a larger space feeling.

Well, those are the top 4 types of shower doors that you can find out. You can pick one of them that is really suitable for your shower room situation. For your information, the choice of the shower door will depend on some factors. They are the budget, size of the bathroom, and also style of yours.

You can find many more types of shower doors in Golden Elite Deco Center. They have more collections that will be more applicate and attractive to be installed.