Life In College Puzzle

After you graduate from your high school, you will enter a college life at university. At first, you may feel shocked because high school life is totally different from the college life. A college life is like a puzzle that you need to finish it no matter what. Even so, you do not need to worry about college life because college life is full of fun too. Here some of the suggestion when you start entering a college life—or just call it College Puzzle life as a freshman at university.

As a freshman is you need to know your campus environment. This is important because you will be an independent of yourself, you should be able to go anywhere on the campus by yourself. Because you and others are a freshman, you will feel strange with the places on your campus. So, you would not be afraid anymore if you have some a sudden business.

Second is you should be smart at managing your time. College life is not a high school life, you need to manage your time like when you should study, when you should hanging out with your friends, when you should go to campus, or when you should attend your campus activity. If you could not manage your time, your college will be a mess and it is affected to your college academic grades. Third, do not forget to socialize with new people. As a freshman in college, make this time as good as possible to find a new friend. Do not be shy to start a conversation with another freshman because make mores friends will help you in any college atter.

The more important as a freshman makes a good impression on your first day in your class. Making a good impression in front of your lecture in your first week will make you be remembered by the lecturer and it will be good for you eventually. You can start with being active in your class like asking questions or share your opinion in class.

Those are important things to start as a freshman in college life that will feel like a College Puzzle, haha! Do not afraid, buddy, chill :))

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