Better Health And Faith In Family Through Prayer

A study found that prayer can reduce depression and inspire someone to be more generous. The lower the level of stress experienced by family members is a sign of happiness and satisfaction in life. Besides, prayer is also believed to help someone who has a heart attack become stronger. That is why prayer and miracle healing prayers is claimed to be one of the keys to longevity. For this reason, the more often a family prays the better the health of all family members.

We know God as a generous person and it reminds us that we are imperfect humans. It is God’s grace that makes us realize that anger and bitterness are not part of God’s person. For this reason, praying for one another can make us a more generous person and easy to forgive others. When a family gathers and prays, they are united in one faith. God is more important than the differences we have, whether they differ in political views, opinions, values, and likings. Through prayer, we are reminded that God created us according to our personalities. So there is no reason to hate others because he is different. Prayer also makes the family not judge others, on the contrary, it must better understand it.

Prayer teaches children to first seek God. Prayer is a natural parenting tool. When they experience faith through prayer, children will be motivated to seek God all the time. Children understand that God wants to be a part of their lives. So teach children to pray either before going to school, when problems come or when they are in joy. This will make God present in every aspect of a child’s life. Prayer makes life focused on faith in God. Praying with family involves a commitment of time and faith in each other. When families schedule certain times as prayer times, this will foster strong faith in the family.

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