How To Create Comfort In Texting

How often do you type a chat message, then think and finally delete it again? Quite often? It is because we think about how the person who received the message feels. We want to make the other person comfortable and get our intentions well. In this era, everyone communicates through social media and text so of course, you need to know how to chat and texting a girl you like that makes her comfortable, especially if you approach her by texting her. Why do you have to learn about ways to chat that are comfortable? Because currently, the virtual world tends to be harder than the real world. Many people have different personalities behind the keyboard. Everyone is aware of this, so that makes them alert and easily suspicious of people who are just known through social media.

Comfort comes from trust. You will not be able to feel comfortable without having a sense of security first. The sense of security itself can only be had when you trust the situation and conditions around you. For example: have you ever found it difficult to sleep in a place other than your room (your house)? Like when you travel, stay at a hotel or in a stranger’s house? Most people feel the same way. To be able to sleep soundly you need to feel comfortable, to be comfortable you need to feel safe, and to be safe you need to trust the circumstances and situations around you. Of course, it’s hard to feel comfortable in a place that is foreign to you. These two things are contradictory, a foreign feeling will disturb your feelings to be on standby so you can’t feel comfortable. That is why when you talk to strangers you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Creating a sense of comfort requires different conditions. As we discussed earlier, comfort comes from trust. But building someone’s trust in us through media chat is not easy. The key is to always respect her boundaries and yours. Let everything flow freely. If she likes you back, she will text you.